The CEMarin: Integrating Marine Sciences

The CEMarin (Corporation Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences) is an international, non-profit organization that aims
at promoting interdisciplinary research, scientific training, and outreach in marine sciences.

World Oceans Day 2017

With an outstanding academic program, we celebrated the World Oceans Day in Medellín and Turbo the past 7,8 and 9 june, 2017.
The Corporation Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences (CEMarin) in alliance with Universidad de Antioquia,Comisión Colombiana del Océano, Universidad CES,and other marine science Colombian institutions sponsored this celebration, among the invited lecturers we reunited international and local experts in marine sciences.
Photos: Lina Larrota, Dirección de Regionalización, Universidad de Antioquia
You can watch the complete transmission of the event following:

*The content will be available in spanish.


First Mini Summit CEMarin

Researchers and scientific experts in marine sciences met on November 29th  and 30th , 2016 at the Quirama
Hotel in the municipality of Rionegro, Colombia.
Dr. Thomas Wilke, Justus Liebig University Giessen: Zoology, molecular evolution and biogeography; Dr. Andrés
Fernando Osorio, Universidad Nacional de  Colombia: Global Change research; Dr. Isaac Dyner, Universidad de
Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano and others representatives of our partner universities: : Universidad de Antioquia,
Universidad de los Andes and Universidad del Valle; defined the priorities and work plan for the year 2017.