At CEMarin, our research team is comprised of university professors, research group leaders, and masters and doctoral students, all experts in the areas of natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and medical sciences. They specialize in marine ecosystems, marine biodiversity, ecosystem services, hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, planning and management of coastal zones, hydrobiological resources, marine energy, and social sciences, among others. Our researchers are located mainly in Germany and Colombia, in the latter they are located in the areas of the Caribbean, Pacific and the country’s islands.

Our researchers are professors and research group leaders or members from our member universities. They all contribute to the achievement of our mission, vision and research objectives. Currently our team of researchers is made up of a group of more than 150 Colombian and German scientists. Each researcher works within one or more of our three main research themes and their corresponding research lines. They are committed to supporting the visibility of CEMarin, promoting CEMarin calls among their research students, and evaluating research proposals received within the framework of our calls.

You can find information about our researchers via this search engine.


At CEMarin, we have three categories of researchers:

• CEMarin researcher
• CEMarin associate researcher
• CEMarin early stage researcher


We also have a group of CEMarin alumni.


The benefits of being a CEMarin researcher include the possibility of connecting to our network, in which you can share ideas, projects and work on the construction of joint projects between our member universities; having access to our portfolio of services for CEMarin researchers, the possibility of participating in our calls to obtain financing for project development; and, the possibility of receiving advice in the search for funding to carry out research projects.


If you are interested in joining our network of CEMarin researchers, please complete this form. Each request will be evaluated as quickly as possible and a response will be given by email.


Our early stage researchers are the postgraduate students in marine sciences and related areas who study or research at one of the CEMarin member universities in Colombia and Germany. At CEMarin we strongly believe that incorporating early stage researchers contributes to the ongoing construction and strengthening of international networks across the natural and social sciences.

The benefits of becoming a CEMarin early stage researcher include the opportunity to share ideas, concerns and projects with other students and renowned researchers from diverse areas, learning from their experience and knowledge, to participate in CEMarin calls and to receive technical and financial support for their thesis or research projects.


For full information on how to become a CEMarin early stage researcher, please see our Call No. 3.


Our associate researchers are active researchers from organizations that are not CEMarin members, but who have expressed their intention to actively contribute to the achievement of our mission, vision and research objectives. They are committed to supporting the visibility of CEMarin and evaluating research proposals received within the framework of our calls.


The benefits of being a CEMarin associate researcher include: help with the fundraising process for project proposals, the ability to attend CEMarin events -sometimes with waived fees, depending on the event-, and the ability to participate in our internal calls.


Associate researchers must have a doctoral degree and/or be a university professor, and show evidence of participation as principal investigator in at least one project or as co-investigator in at least three projects.


If you are interested in being part of this team, send us an email requesting that the Scientific Committee grants you the status of associate researcher, to You must send:

Curriculum vitae

Motivation letter explaining the reasons why you want to join CEMarin

Letter issued by a CEMarin researcher in which he or she endorses your application.


Our CEMarin alumni are individuals who have received a master’s or doctoral degree, or who have completed a post-docVoral position at one of our member institutions, and who may have received individual funding from CEMarin.

The benefits of joining our CEMarin alumni group include the possibility of accessing funding and advice on writing research projects and being part of our network of researchers, where you can share your ideas, concerns and projects with experienced researchers in marine sciences.

For full information on how to join our CEMarin alumni group, please see our Call No. 19.


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