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Immerse yourself in the Blue Economy and Mangroves, introducing: "Mangroves as Foundations for the Blue Economy"

We announce with great enthusiasm the launch of our new course in the lead-up to the MMM6 conference, “Mangroves as Foundations for the Blue Economy“! We are delighted to invite professionals, organizations, researchers, students, and individuals interested in gaining valuable insights into DECARBONIZATION and SUSTAINABILITY to dive into this exciting opportunity.
Join us from the 19th to the 22th of July in the spectacular setting of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta on Colombia’s Caribbean coast and learn how to align your goals with global sustainability efforts while discovering Blue Carbon – the carbon storage process found in coastal soils, including seagrasses, salt marshes, and mangroves. The course explores mangrove ecosystems, their decarbonization potential, coastal protection, rich biodiversity, and other ecosystem services with the hand of the communities, along with the emerging concept of the BLUE ECONOMY.

¿Why take this course?

The aim is to offer a holistic vision of mangrove ecosystems, and to gain valuable insights into DECARBONIZATION and SUSTAINABILITY and how to provide consulting support to organizations in these areas. We will learn key aspects like coastal protection and biodiversity, from the perspective of ecosystem services that improve the quality of life of communities.

Remember that there are only 25 spots available for this course. If you want to know all the information regarding prices, included benefits, schedule, instructors, or want to secure your spot, visit:


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