Relive the best of the III Festival of the Insular Caribbean Traditional Navigation Festival: connecting islands, coasts and seas

Throughout September 2021, the III Insular Caribbean Traditional Navigation Festival was held, under the slogan “Connecting islands, coasts and seas”. The festival was organized by the Sea, Land & Culture Old Providence Initiative (ProSeaLand) with the support of the National Program for Cultural Agreement of the Colombian Ministry of Culture. The festival’s program was designed with a mixed format of activities of different natures and approaches, both face-to-face on the island of Providencia and virtual activities.


The shadow of Hurricane Iota, which devastated the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in November 2020, continues to generate a complex humanitarian situation in the region, in the midst of a complex reconstruction process. However, in this context, the organizers highlight cultural resilience and the role of navigation and fishing in the Raizal culture, which is promoted through the festival. According to ProSeaLand, “the hurricane took away material things, including a large part of the material cultural heritage, but it could not take away the knowledge and practices of the inhabitants of the islands, which have been fundamental to life on them.”


During the four weeks of the festival, activities included dialogues of local and regional knowledge; activities for children and young people; documentaries and shorts; academic talks; cotton boat racing; samples of pedagogical experiences; and a special tribute to the providence people in the post-hurricane context.

Photo: Getting ready for the cotton boat racing. Credits: ProSeaLand


At CEMarin, we are happy to have participated as allies and co-financers of this wonderful festival, and in doing so, to contribute to the success of the event and continue fulfilling our objective of serving marine-coastal communities. We invite you to enjoy the virtual events shared by ProSeaLand on their social networks: Facebook / YouTube.


Long live cultural resilience! Long live Raizal culture!


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