Sonar issue 2

At CEMarin we are excited to share with you the second issue of Sonar, our magazine of scientific dissemination for the ocean. In line with the objectives of the Decade of Ocean Sciences, our central theme is A transparent ocean: why open data? Data tendencies and FAIR data. We include contributions from national and international experts who share their knowledge on distinct aspects of the theme, both in theory and in practice.


In the first three articles, based on their expertise and professional experience, two of our CEMarin researchers and representatives from Invemar, the Colombian Commission of the Ocean and the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research, tell us about the current panorama in Colombia, Europe and globally, regarding the challenges and opportunities around open and FAIR data.


We then have two articles on specific projects related to the issue. In the first, an expert from the Sorbonne University explains an innovative project in climate forecasting, COCAS: Coastal Ocean Observatory for Climate, CO2 and Acidification in the Global South. In the second, the coordinator of the Colombian Information System on Biodiversity explains the close relationship between the country’s information systems and strategies to manage the dynamics of open access.


Finally, we share news from CEMarin: our best practice project with the ColombiaCONNECT network, investigation reports from CEMarin early stage researchers and alumni, and a short report on some of the activities we have undertaken so far this year.


We invite you to enjoy our content, to share the magazine, and to send us your comments and ideas for future issues. Together, we can make it a reality that open data will increasingly be a central axis of the marine sciences in Colombia and globally. 


To download Sonar issue 2 click on the image below.


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